Our work with businesses would not be possible without funding from a diverse group of supporters who share our commitment to business and economic development in the fifteen service counties of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.

Our list of past and current Community Partners includes:


Logo for SCORE Nonprofit Organization

SCORE Counselors to America’s Small Business. A nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship.


Logo image for ONABEN Training and Support

ONABEN (Oregon Native American Business and Entrepreneurial Network Inc.)  offers training and support focused on developing entrepreneurship in Indian communities.


Logo image for Center For Rural Affairs

Center for Rural Affairs – Standing up for the small family farmer, new business owner, and rural communities. A leading force engaging people to build a better rural future for over 40 years.


Logo image for Nebraska Enterprise Fund

Nebrasaka Enterprise Fund (NEF) has capital funds available to provide gap financing for small /micro businesses and revolving loan funds for microenterprise development organizations and community economic development programs.


Logo image for Native Entrepreneur Investment Fund

The Native Entrepreneur Investment Fund is the first-ever statewide lending program for Native communities. It’s goal is to expand access to fair lending products to all nine reservations throughout the state of South Dakota.


Logo image for Red Wind Consulting Resources

RedWind Group, Inc. is a management consulting firm that helps organizations create and sustain exceptional performance. We provide the skills, knowledge, and practical tools to empower organizations to make choices that help realize their goals.

We invite others to contact us about becoming supporters. First Ponca Financial Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. Therefore, gifts are tax deductible as permitted by federal law. Consult with your tax advisor or contact Pete Upton, First Ponca Financial’s executive director, to learn more.
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