M&M Photography

April 30, 2012
Ponca Tribe of Nebraska
First Ponca Financial
c/o Rebecca White
P.O. 288 Niobrara, NE 68760

To Whom It May Concern:

I have always wanted to become a photographer and because of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska, First Ponca Financial, Pete Upton and his associates and connections in the community, my dreams are becoming a reality. My sister and I have been taking the Entrepreneurship class and I was hesitant of going out on my own and opening my own business. Thoughts in the back of my mind… did I have the skills, the knowledge and the ability to do it. I even thought about skipping the class thinking it might be a waste of my time. Looking back now, I am so happy my sister pushed me to go. Pete’s knowledge of the business world is amazing. I will never forget the pyramid he drew for us on the first day of class. The bottom layer starts with what we don’t know we don’t know, then grows to now we know what we don’t know and finally to what we need to do to know. I left class that first day thinking wow. Every class thereafter was even more of an eye-opener to all that I didn’t know was out there. Pete makes you think and opens your eyes about the business world. Pete’s personal experiences and his knowledge of business are amazing and he’s truly an asset to your company.

Pete introduced us to a local photographer in his hometown. Troy was so excited to meet us and show us his business. He answered questions and gave us an insight to the photography world. We toured their studio, gave us hands-on experience with his photography equipment and showed us the behind the scenes ups and downs of photography. He was so helpful and he was excited to become mentors for us.

Pete also helped us produce a website for the start of our business. I can’t tell you how excited my sister and I were to find out we were a “.com”. It was a step closer to our dreams becoming true.

The Ponce Tribe of Nebraska and First Ponca Financial Inc. have given my sister and I the biggest opportunity in the world and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you.

Melissa A. Jones
Ponca Tribe Member



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